Employment Matters

A Uniquely "Neutral" Employment Law Practice

What is Employment Matters?


Employment Matters brings three planes of expertise—law, HR, and business—to workplace investigationsworkplace conflicts, executive coaching and expert witness testimony. This potent combination means that every investigated complaint, every mediated dispute, and every coached manager will benefit from a wide-reaching and incisive perspective upon complex employment challenge and its effect on legal liability, workplace functionality, and business operations.

This multi-faceted approach also means that Employment Matters provides a truly neutral evaluation of the relevant issues at stake, with each viewpoint, person and detail given its due consideration. As a result, organizations benefit on the whole, whether the focus is an investigation, the resentments that follow an investigation, an executive whose conduct is creating tension or a workplace conflict that is hindering a productive environment. 

With years of experience in practicing and teaching mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution, I bring the ability to appreciate different points of view expertly, thereby avoiding implicit bias or unintended oversights. My uniquely comprehensive background facilitates this even-handed, objective treatment.

When litigation has ensued, my expertise in overseeing HR policies and conducting investigations is invaluable to both plaintiff and defense counsel when the need for an expert witness arises.

With the specialized expertise of Employment Matters, organizations may avoid costly litigation and other unanticipated expenses while building a positive work environment in which employee talent can flourish, performing at their best for the organization. 

Simply and directly, my particular set of skills and experience offers:

  • A lawyer who thinks like an HR professional.

  • An HR professional who thinks like a business person.

  • A business person who thinks like a lawyer.


A Uniquely "Neutral" Employment Law Practice


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