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Why Should an External Mediator Address
Workplace Conflict?

Workplace conflicts may originate when two employees simply don’t get along, but when their differences become prolonged and interfere with business, the resulting turmoil can thwart an organization’s best efforts to resolve those issues. When it comes time to resolve a dispute, you need an external workplace-neutral mediator who will deal fairly with the employees directly involved and take into consideration the possible effects the dispute’s resolution may have on the entire organization.

As a professional mediator, I offer complete impartiality and objectivity, always keeping in mind that smooth employee interactions are the crux of effectiveness in the work environment. A dispute may seem to be the direct result of one employee’s behavior, but as the issues at stake are clarified, neutral mediators should be sensitive to all the factors that complicate a single conflict. If a satisfying, permanent solution is to be found, mediators must have the HR experience that empowers them with a comprehensive knowledge of workplace dynamics.

In addition to being a certified neutral mediator with an emphasis on workplace conflicts, I bring the legal expertise of an employment lawyer and the comprehensive understanding of work environments that results from over fifteen years’ experience as an HR professional. Each conflict is unique, with its own suite of challenges, but with my internal and external professional perspectives, I am able to recognize the breadth and minutiae of each conflict with precision and efficiency.

Whether my work involves one-on-one conflict coaching for an HR manager, a swift intervention to settle an interpersonal conflict embroiling two employees, or guidance for a team reeling from a reorganization, I possess the skills to redirect individuals and focus them on moving forward in a positive direction. In each scenario, I provide a neutral point of view in a safe environment, encourage problem-solving and collaboration among those involved, and work through highly charged situations until a satisfying solution is found, restoring the strength and health of your entire organization.

A Uniquely "Neutral" Employment Law Practice


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