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When Will You Need Executive Coaching?

The ability to excel at business does not always come with a perfect sense of the effect one’s interactions might have on workplace dynamics. Even the most valuable employees—the most seasoned, driven executives who deliver successfully year after year—can sometimes overlook the adverse workplace consequences of their management and communication styles. These consequences may include legal liability if the conduct or comments are perceived as evidence of harassment or discrimination.

Executives are self-reliant people, and it is the job of an executive coach to enhance that self-reliance, to render assistance that will build their awareness of the risks entailed in their treatment of workplace issues, capping their business acumen with a flexible gauge of the ways their decisions and demands might affect other employees.

Many executives are unaware that their management style may put them at risk for a harassment or discrimination claim, in addition to increased turnover and reduced employee morale. It is crucial to coach or train a manager on the less apparent tendencies upon which an employee could base a complaint, thus saving your organization the tremendous expense and time of a lawsuit while helping your managers create a positive work environment.

Employment Matters offers individualized coaching and training to managers whose conduct—while not illegal or constituting a policy violation—nonetheless creates problems in the workplace. With my background as an HR professional, I provide a clear overview of the subtler workplace interactions and effects that managers may not have time to notice. Combining a pragmatic, legal, and financial understanding of what’s at stake, I can recognize and intercept a problematic tendency that might threaten the future operations of a successful organization.

I pride myself on a workplace-neutral approach to executive coaching, advocating only for the best possible solution from any perspective rather than for the best interest of any one person. Even as I work one-on-one, I always keep in mind not only the critical part an executive plays in supporting a larger organization, but also the dependency that each employee has on a communicative, transparent, and enthusiastic work environment.

I am also available to provide trainings on harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention that meet California legal requirements.

A Uniquely "Neutral" Employment Law Practice


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